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Great service, excellent value. Every time for vehicle detailing. They accept fleet vehicle payment cards such as Element, which no other detailing shop in Regina does. Highly recommend for those with company fleet vehicles!

Taylor Garrett

Extremely pleased with the work they did on my car. Kept me in the loop during the time it was in the shop. It's the second time this year they've done bodywork on my car and both times they had completed the job in a timely manner. Appreciative of having the interior and exterior of…

Jay G

Got my vehicle body repaired due to a small dent. When I got my vehicle back, repair was very good since I can't find any flaws that the small body dent ever existed. The only downside is repairs took nearly 2 weeks for a small dent wherein service advisor informed me that it would take…

Malony Subia

Thank you very much guys for the great and professional service. The car was fixed after the hail damage. Looks perfect. You are only the guys in Regina who provided the fastest closest appointment to help me with the issues ASAP. Highly recommend you for all of my friends and for other people. Absolutely happy…

Oleg Lysytsia

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