Bennett Dunlop Auto Detailing

There’s nothing better than the sparkle of a freshly-detailed vehicle. Whether you need a quick wash or a complete detailing from bumper to bumper, the experts at Bennett Dunlop Collision Centre have got what it takes to restore the shine to your car, truck, or SUV.

Auto detailing is so much more than a simple car wash, and Bennett Dunlop Collision Centre is ready to bring your car back to like-new condition! There is nothing better than a sparkling clean, fresh-smelling vehicle, but auto detailing can also help recondition your vehicle, offer new protection against the harsh Canadian elements, and identify potential issues. Whether you want a quick wash or precise detailing, Bennett Dunlop Collision has the right package for you.

 Express Wash  Silver Clean  Gold Clean  Platinum Clean
 $17.98  $54.99  $98.98 SMALL VEHICLE $219.99MEDIUM VEHICLE $252.99LARGE VEHICLE $285.99
 Exterior Hand Wash  Exterior Hand Wash   Exterior Hand Wash   Exterior Hand Wash
Acidize Wheels Acidize Wheels Acidize Wheels Acidize Wheels
 Chamois Dry   Chamois Dry   Chamois Dry   Chamois Dry
 Tires Dressed   Tires Dressed   Tires Dressed   Tires Dressed
 Vacuum Floor + Seats  Vacuum Floor + Seats  Vacuum Floor + Seats
 Interior Windows  Interior Windows
 Vacuum Trunk  Vacuum Trunk
 Floor Mats Cleaned  Floor Mats Cleaned
 Interior Vinyl Cleaning  Interior Vinyl Cleaning
 Spot Shampoo  Spot Shampoo
Shampoo Carpets/Vinyl Flooring
Shampoo Seats
Shampoo Trunk
Shampoo Upholstery
Interior Dressed
 Interior Cleaning $65.99
 Leather Cleaning $90.00
 Deodorizing $49.98
Polishing Starting At $150.00
 Fallout Removal Starting At $30.00
 Pet Hair Removal Starting At $30.00
Tar & Sap Removal Starting At $30.00
Sanitization Starting At $62.00

A Clean Vehicle

We at Bennett Dunlop Collision Centre offer detailing services for all vehicle types, including sedans, SUVs, trucks, vans, and more. A car is an expensive asset that you use every day, so it is important to treat it well. Dirt and dust accumulate under the floor mats, discarded trash ends up on or under the seats, and everything starts to look a little worse for the wear. A good car detailing by us at Bennett Dunlop Collision Centre will treat all interior materials with specialized products to clean surfaces, remove odors, and maintain quality.

Detailing helps to preserve the original look of your car through cleaning, washing and waxing it. It is difficult cleaning all the hidden places of a vehicle's exterior and interior, but there is no job too big or too small for us. When you just can't stand vacuuming another French fry from beneath your seats or scrubbing another summer's worth of bugs from your grille, come let us handle beautifying your vehicle.

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Boats, Trailers, and RV's Detailing

Get your boat, RV, or trailer ready in time for your next camping expedition, or have us give it a solid cleaning before it’s put away for the winter. Our vehicle detailing expertise is easily transferable to your recreational vehicles. We can restore them to like new condition!

At Bennett Dunlop Collision Centre, we provide exceptional detailing service for your RV's, trailers, and boats. Our team cares about your recreational toys as much as you do, and that is why we use the finest product lines in automobile and marine care & cleaning. We always put the customer first and do our best to make sure they are fully satisfied with each detailing service.

We hold each of our professional detailing technicians to a meticulous standard in order to ensure the highest quality of service. This includes making sure each technician is thoroughly trained and kept up-to-date with the most advanced techniques in the recreational vehicle detailing industry. Contact us today for more information or to schedule a service!

Paint Protection

We offer professional Paint Protection services for trucks, cars, SUVs, and vans. They are perfect for enhancing the value and appearance of your vehicle. With paint protection, you can prevent unsightly chips and scratches and drive your vehicle worry-free.

Check out our Paint Protection package below, and choose the level that suits your vehicle best. If you’ve got any questions, or you’re not sure where your vehicle fits in, feel free to give us a call! We’ll be more than happy to assist.

Paint Protection

XPEL Ultimate™ paint protection film is a virtually invisible film applied to high-impact areas that helps prevent unsightly chips and scratches. Protect your vehicle against rocks, oils, bird droppings, bug acids, gravel, salt, tree sap, and magnesium chloride. Protect just one part of your vehicle or protect it all - the choice is yours! Let our advisors know and we can build the right package to suit your needs.

Package Benefits:

  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Clearest Protection
  • Self-Healing
  • Stain Resistant
  • Discoloration Resistant
  • Computer Cut Kits
  • Tailored to Fit Your Vehicle
  • Boost Trade-In Value
  • Matches Paint Gloss
  • Wash & Wax as Normal
  • No Special Care Required
  • Protective Clear Coat

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